Bringing Healthy to the Table!


With health concerns rising and patrons frequenting restaurants less and less due to the pandemic, we strive to keep our relationship with the community present and connected! Here at Ratchada Thai, we offer delicious healthy Thai dishes with flexible dine in hours that can also be delivered right to your front door with our zero contact delivery. Let’s work together to bring healthier options to the table.

We offer a wide variety of healthy traditional Thai cuisine dishes that fit into even the most popular diets in today’s society. Those who have food limitations due to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid and autoimmune disease and many more will not be left hungry with the selection of dishes we have to offer them. No one is left out when it comes to Ratchada Thai!

To support your healthy brain and body, you need to incorporate healthy meals and we have some of the best options in Philly to help you do just that. Are you or a loved one in an assisted living facility due to a chronic illness and want delicious Thai cuisine without risking exposure to harmful viruses? We can deliver any of our hearty healthy favorites with zero contact delivery so that you too can enjoy the rich flavors that Ratchada Thai has to offer.

Anyone who understands what it’s like to be confined to their own home, assisted living facility or nursing home for long term care services knows how expensive that type of care can be. That’s why at Ratchada Thai we price our dishes modestly so that everyone has a chance to experience the wonderful health benefits and delicious flavors our Thai cuisine provides to the Philly community. If you have compromised health or need assistance with ordering delivery, just ask your home health care provider for assistance and we will follow all delivery instructions to ensure a healthy and safe delivery encounter. At Ratchada Thai, we provide healthy dishes for everyone to enjoy no matter the limitations you may have!…

Thai Food Unlike Any in Philly


How would an Asian-based food restaurant be outstanding without Noodles? Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine offers an extensive wide range of noodle dishes. The Pad Thai Noodle is an incredible addition to the already delightful choice of dishes. Its preparation entails stir-fried rice noodles, egg, tofu, and bean sprout with tasty tamarind sauce. This combination goes for $14.95. Pad Kee Mao Noodle is one of the most sold dishes among Noodle dishes because of its spicy flavor. This dish is prepared with drunken noodles, spicy basil sauce, stir-fried jumbo rice noodles, bell peppers, string beans, and onion. This spicy dish goes for $14.95. Other types of noodles made in Ratchada Laos are Tom Yum noodles, Khao Soi Khai, and Pad Si Ew Noodle which go for $14.95 respectively.

The fried rice selection comprises Crab Meat Fried Rice ( Kao Pu fried rice), Fried Rice (regular), Pineapple Fried Rice, Green Curry Fried Rice ( spicy ), and Lemongrass Fried Rice going for $14.95 respectively. Salad entrees are available and they comprise Thai Papaya Salad which is spicy Lao Papaya Salad, Larb Salad ( cooked ground meat, dried chili, lime juice, scallions, and cilantro), Beef Salad ( grilled beef, shallots, lime fish sauce, bell peppers, and dried chili), Yum Woon Sen Salad, all going for $12.95, Ratchada salad for $10.95 and prepared with house salad, carrots, Romaine’s heart, Tomatoes, tofu, and eggs served with Thai peanut sauce. The menu also is graced by Sauteed Entrees and they include, Thai Ginger, sauteed entree, Thai Basil sauteed entree, Pad Prik King sauteed entree, Pad Himmaparn, sauteed entree, and the delightful Pork Jungle sauteed entree going for $14.95 respectively.

There are a variety of luscious and eye-catching soft drinks and beverages available at only $3.50 and they include Thai ice tea, Thai iced coffee, coconut juice, mango juice, Fiji water, and Perrier sparkling water going for $5.00. I know you are probably wondering why you haven’t seen the appetizers but Ratchada Thai & Laos got you. There is a substantial wide variety of appetizers and they include Chicken Satay ($8.95), Thai Spring Roll ($6.95), Tofu Satay ($6.95), Thai Dumpling ($8.95), Kanom Gui Chai ($9.95), Fried Calamari ($11.95), Thai Veggie Roll ( $6.95), Buddha Dumpling ($6.95), Golden Triangle ($6.95), Corn Cake ($7.95), Cabbage Salad which goes for $8.95), Veggie Samplers, Thai Crepes, Koong Sarong, Curry Puff, Khao Jee Ping, Sai Krog, Pork Jerky, and Thai Samplers.

The Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine is an amazing selection if you are seeking to explore South East Asia cuisine at its finest. The staff offers the greatest customer service, and are always ready to answer any questions as you wait for your order. If you are uncertain about the food to request, feel free to always inquire more about the menu as they are well familiar with it. You will also appreciate the exhibition of carved elephant trunks inside the front entrance. The wooden walls graced with colonial art will give you a peaceful impression. The extraordinary customer connection blended with outstanding meals and a friendly setting make Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine a restaurant that should indeed be on your bucket list when exploring dining options in Philadelphia.

This should be the place to visit with friends and family that want to step out of their comfort zones to try new food from Southeast Asia. There is nothing as promising as customers who frequent the same restaurant for quality services and savory food that will have your palates yearning for more. You can also watch Ratchada’s Chef, Suparsi show his mastery skills in preparing meals on the hibachi tables as you learn a thing or two about preparing the scrumptious meals that get customers from all over the world coming back for more. Whether you are looking for decent Thai food, or you want to celebrate your graduation in a gorgeous place with your friends and family, you certainly can not go wrong with whatever you choose to order.…

What You’ll Find On The Menu


If you visit Philadelphia from time to time then you need to try the 5 famous Ratchada Thai Curry entrees. You will not get disappointed when you choose to go for the Green Curry Entree (Spicy) which entails the Green curry paste, bamboo shoot, coconut milk, fresh basil leaves, string bean, and bell peppers which goes for $15.95. If you are a lover of the spiciest bowl of food to ever consume, then the green curry will tickle your fancy. Another most sold type of curry is the Panang Curry Entree (moderately spicy) and it is made of Penang curry paste, bell peppers, mixed vegetables, coconut milk, and kaffir lime leaves. This centerpiece of the Thai curry, with the crushing heat of bell peppers conflicting with the sour kaffir lime juice will have you going back for more. It also goes for $15.95. Thai Laos also has the Red curry entree which goes for $15.95 and the special Duck curry entree which consists of roasted half duck, grapes, coconut milk, pineapple, and red curry paste crowned with crispy basil. This moderately spicy curry goes for $25.95.

By now vegetarians must feel left out, worry not because Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine has got you covered. The establishment offers a wide range of vegetarian entrees to ensure that you leave with a happy palate. One of the most popular selections for vegetarians is the Siam Noodle Vegetarian Entree. This entree goes for $12.95 and incorporates Stir-fried rice noodles, tofu, mixed vegetables, bean sprouts with flavorful tamarind. There are numerous other exciting entrees such as the Pad Kee Mao Jay vegetarian entree and Vegetarian lover entree which both go for $12.95, the Lovely Eggplant Vegetarian entree which goes for $12.95, the Wild Ginger Vegetarian Entree for $12.95, the Jay Curry Vegetarian Entree for $12.95, the Ratchada Madness Vegetarian Entree for 12.95, the Holy Basil Vegetarian Entree for $12.95, and the Tofu Delight Vegetarian Entree which goes for 13.95. The flavors of these vegetarian entrees range from spicy to mildly spicy and are never disappointing.

The Ratchada chef is big on exploiting big-personality ingredients and transforming the recipes into intriguing special entrees. The top 3 chef specials comprise the Ratchada Duck Chef Special which goes for $25.95. This meal entails the crispy roasted half duck capped with fresh mango, fried shallot, and mixed vegetables napped with mildly spicy tamarind sauce. Chu Chee Duck Chef Special is a uniquely prepared meal to grace your palate and it encompasses the Crispy roasted half duck, pineapple capped with chu chee curry sauce, mixed vegetables, and crispy basil. It is moderately spicy and goes for $25.95. Last but not least, Pla Muek Nueng Ma Nao is another chef special and it is skillfully prepared using Steam squid in lime sauce, vegetable, and steamed squid stew in Thai-style lime fish sauce making it mildly spicy. This must-try Chef special goes for $22.00.…

Welcome to Ratchada Thai


Thai cuisine has over the years gained popularity in the United States and other parts of the world due to its unique taste and versatility. Ratchada Thai & Laos restaurant is one of the most outstanding Thai food joints in Philadelphia. It’s the perfect place to enjoy pan-Asian food when you are dining alone or with company. Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine offers salty, spicy, sweet, and bitter flavors. The pan-Asian food joint also offers a wide variety of tasty soups and dishes. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. So, you won’t miss something to indulge your palate.

In this article, we review some of the offerings of Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine and why you should consider visiting the establishment whenever you’re seeking an exciting culinary adventure in Philadelphia.

Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine operates on Monday from 4:30-10 pm, on Tuesday through Thursday from 11:30-10 pm, on Saturdays from 11:30 am to 11 pm, and on Sundays from 12-10 pm. It has three service options: Dining in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery due to the pandemic. Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine has a great selection of menu that features various types of soups such as Tom Yum Chicken soup also known as the Lemongrass soup which encompasses the Thai style hot & sour soup, lemongrass, basil, onion, mushroom, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. This delicious soup that wonderfully completes the entree, goes for $ 7.95 and is quite a steal. The Tom Kha is worth a try on your next visit to Ratchada Thai & Laos Cuisine. This is a Coconut soup comprising lemongrass, Thai-style coconut milk soup, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and mushroom also goes for $7.95. The Lao Onion soup is also one of the most impressive, delicious, and quite simple soups on the menu which is a mixture of diced chicken and shrimp, napa, onion carrot, fried shallot in chicken broth, and broccoli. This unique tasting soup goes for $8.95.…